Dismantled prefabricated Company Profile

En plus de nos usines maisons préfabriquées, construction préfabriquée, bureaux, écoles préfabriquées, bâtiments dortoirs préfabriqués, des écoles préfabriquées, il a produit des structures en acier lourd.


Since 2011, prefab, prefabricated houses , house ready , ready-made houses , steel structures, steel houses, prefabricated product groups continued their customers with services that focus disassembled by adopting the structure into a leader in the industry has provided .
Dismantled this production structure , prefabricated building technology with seamless construction industry has brought to the A1 class fireproof , water is affected facade and roof covering materials to accomplish using .
Dismantled Buildings today experienced , stable, with participating teams in the country and abroad with the aim of continuous improvement , customer focus to adopt a stable growth path continues with understanding .
Dismantled strength of the structure , R & D investments in technology - Boggle with work , high quality and innovative services provide clients with the confidence to pose .
From yesterday to today who follow developments and innovations in the industry and all of the leading companies in the production system Dismantled Buildings every day to move forward , to provide customers with more quality products and services continue to work uninterrupted .

Disassembly of the Success Criteria:
To complete projects on time and on budget ,
To provide top quality construction services ,
Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety in the highest standards , keeping
Employees, the company provides the most valuable asset to adopt as a success

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