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Prefabricated Worksite Structures

Prefabricated administrative buildings and prefabricated offices, which are generally preferred at worksites, attract intense demand with their affordable prices and fast production phases.

Demonte Prefabrik With possesses office & administrative building experiences inland ;& abroad and produces prefabricated structures for its customers, which are suitable for all climatic conditions and the aesthetic and architectural designs of which are entirely prepared according to necessities.

Prefabricated buildings can be manufactured in single-storey or multiple storeys, with metal sheet walls or precast concrete panel systems, and they conform to the rules of the standard specifications on occupational safety. As prefabricated structures can be disassembled, they can be detached at the conclusion of the project and reinstalled during new projects. Prefabrik yapıların demonte özelliğinden dolayı proje sonunda sökülerek yeni projelere tekrar kurulum imkanı bulunmaktadır.